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Continuing Teacher & Leader Education (CTLE).

Reporting to SED


    Districts and other approved CTLE sponsors are required to maintain records of the CTLE activities that they offer for a period of eight (8) years.   Similarly, CTLE certificate holders are required to maintain records of their own CTLE hours for eight (8) years – the five (5) year registration cycle plus three (3) additional years.

    District-based CTLE activities should be included, (to the extent they are known in advance), in the district Professional Development Plan (PDP) which is still required to be submitted to SED annually – see Part 100.2(dd) PDP regulations.  These regulations still stipulate that school districts and BOCES are required to provide CTLE hours so that faculty and staff remain current with their profession, meet the learning needs of their students, and are able to maintain their certificates in good standing.    

    Districts and other approved CTLE sponsors are required to provide CTLE participants with access to a 'certificate of completion' for each CTLE activity that the participant completes. Original SED guidance was that this was to be a paper copy, updated SED guidance allows for this 'certificate of completion' to be paper or electronic.

    Neither CTLE sponsors nor CTLE certificate holders are required to submit hours to SED unless they are specifically asked by SED to provide them.  At the end of each five (5) year registration cycle, CTLE certificate holders will attest to completing 100 CTLE hours on their TEACH accounts.  SED may randomly audit both CTLE sponsors and CTLE certificate holders to ensure compliance with regulations. 

    The regulations governing Registration and CTLE requirements are found in Part 80.6 of Commissioner’s Regulations

    Items for Local Leaders:

    Members need to be able to access their CTLE hours if requested by SED.  Members can request paper copies of CTLE Certificates of Completion or can have access to electronic copies of these certificates.  Local leaders and members should consider the reliability of a district’s CTLE tracking system, (such as My Learning Plan), when determining if paper or electronic copies are preferable.   

    The process of registering with SED includes a requirement for members to answer a series of ‘moral character’ questions.  Local leaders and members should note that SED has the authority to ask these questions of CTLE certificate holders, as well as members of other professions in NYS.

    FROM: Record-keeping and Reporting CTLE Hours

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    New York State Education Department's Office of Higher Education

    TEACH Self Registration ... Public School Districts, Private School Administrators, and New York College/University access to TEACH



    Starting July 1, 2016, all permanently or professionally certified teachers and Level III teaching assistants working in public schools or BOCES will be required to register online with the State Education Department. The registration process, which will begin on a rolling basis during the educator's birth month, will be done using the State Education Department's TEACH system. Re-registration will be required every five years. There is no fee for registration unless the certificate holder fails to complete the process by their deadline. A late fee of $10 per month will be charged if the deadline is missed.

    Details on the actual registration process are still to be determined by SED. Since the state does not have a reliable means of communicating these regulatory changes to all impacted certificate holders, NYSUT is proposing that no late fees should be assessed in 2016–17. NYSUT is also seeking an appeals process for those who miss the registration deadline.

    The new requirements were approved last year as part of the 2015 state budget. The law also requires new professional development requirements called Continuing Teacher & Leader Education (CTLE).

    All professional and Level III teaching assistant certificate holders will be required to meet a 100- hour CTLE requirement within each five-year registration cycle. School districts will be approved CTLE providers and must still develop professional development plans that meet requirements. SED regulations also identify BOCES, teacher centers, higher education institutions, NYSUT's Education & Learning Trust, and professional organizations as other expected providers.

    *Any certificate holder not working in an applicable school (school districts or BOCES located in New York State, and the School District of the City of New York and any of its components) may allow her/his registration to lapse without being charged a fee if she/he notifies SED that she/he is no longer working in an applicable school. However, if she/he wishes to return to practice in an applicable school, she/he will need to register with SED before resuming practice. The process for notifying SED is still to be determined.

    Individuals whose professional certificates or Level III Teaching Assistant certificate are issued after July 1, 2016, will be automatically registered. These individuals will then be required to re-register in five years, during the month of their birth.


    NYSUT has posted a fact sheet on the new regulations at

CTLE Questions:

1) Does everyone's cycle run from the 16-21? Yes, it started from zero, independently of the year cycle in which you were at the end of 2016.

2) Is the 100 hours over the 5 years or 100 each year? 100 every five years. The hours were reduced.

3) My birthday was in November...I just made sure I could log into TEACH, and I could, but what else do I need to do? Nothing else, be sure that your information is up to date. Your Professional Certificate’s name and last name should be the same as in the TEACH account. Be sure that you use a personal email since your TEACH account is like your bank account, personal.

4)I hold a Provisional Certificate in El. Ed. But a Permanent in Spec. Ed...If I am not currently holding a spec. Ed. Job, it is still a good idea to keep it upright? The requirements are the same for Spec. Ed. as El. Ed., right?

Permanent certifications do not need to report CTLE credits. Professional Certificate holders are required to report. Provisional certificates do not need to report, only Professional certificate holders.

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