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Nancy F. Beck Memorial Fund

Nancy F. Beck Memorial Fund

Call for Grant Applications

The Nancy F. Beck Memorial Fund was established by her family in 1997 to continue Nancy’s dedicated service to children in the Brighton School District. Nancy was a dedicated wife, mother and member of the Brighton PTSA. For fifteen years, she was a tireless volunteer on behalf of children in the Brighton schools. The goal of the Nancy F. Beck Memorial Fund is to carry on Nancy’s good work by awarding annual grants for long-term, child-oriented, hands-on programs and equipment that benefit the greatest number of children. Teachers, administrators and parents may apply for these grants. The Brighton Central PTSA administers this fund.

To apply for a Nancy F. Beck Memorial grant

Click on the link at the bottom of this page for the new application form.

  • Complete the form online and then print the form and ask the building principal to sign it.
  • Also, complete a district requisition form that itemizes necessary supplies/materials. Please check with the District business office to ensure that the vendor you select has been previously approved.
  • In place of a requisition form, you may choose to submit a written quote from the vendor. Sometimes this can result in a discounted price. Please check that your chosen vendor has been previously approved.
  • Please attach any additional material that might help the committee.
  • Either mail to PTSA Vice-President Monica Alongi, or send by inter-school mail to Monica Alongi, PTSA at Central Administration Office. If you use inter-school mail, please also email Monica to notify her. Applications may also be given to PTSA building co-chairs or building principals who will forward them to the PTSA.

-Due Date: January 12, 2024

The selection process:

The PTSA Nancy F. Beck Memorial Fund Committee (see below) reviews all grant applications. The committee considers how many children will benefit from the grant, how long the grant will impact students, and how the grant would enrich the school program in ways not covered by the school budget. There is no requirement concerning the number of grants awarded each year, or in which schools the grants are awarded. Each school will not necessarily receive a grant each year.

PTSA Nancy F. Beck Memorial Fund Committee

PTSA Vice President

BHS PTSA Chair, TCMS PTSA Chair, FRES PTSA Chair, CRPS PTSA Chair, SPED PTSA Representative

Laura Kaufman, David Beck


Please contact PTSA Vice President Monica Alongi,

Past grants approved for:

new technology, playground equipment, display cabinets, performing arts equipment, library murals, specialized lighting, art display boards, Morning Show equipment, TAG room furniture, climbing walls at 3 schools, recreation equipment, BHS pavilion, library reading terrace, outdoor furniture, art equipment, new program development, sound equipment, weather station

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