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Special Education

Special Education

Dear Brighton Parents:

Why is our role necessary?

As parents we know what you are going through. Our goal as your sub-committee co-chairs is to be a continual support for all special education parents and caregivers. Furthermore, we hope to be an additional support to our district PTSA by helping to address parent and caregiver questions, comments, and concerns as they relate to special education within our Brighton schools. We hope to bring together parents and caregivers who have an interest in special education while providing a forum to share personal experiences.

What do you mean by "special education"?

A student with special education needs is any student who needs additional support, accommodations, and/or intervention in order to be successful in their social and learning environment.

Why should there be a sub-committee component of the PTA for parents of children with special needs?

Because parents of children with special needs have special needs themselves. They need to learn how to work with the teachers and other specialists who educate their children. They need to understand the system of special education and their rights under the law. And they need to connect with and support other parents in the same position. Parents and caregivers of children with special needs face a unique set of challenges. A Special Education sub-committee of our district's PTSA addresses these challenges and creates opportunities for growth and success. We will help meet these needs by bringing together people who have an interest in special education and providing a forum for them to share their experiences.

What's the difference between Special Education sub-committee and a standard PTSA?

A Special Education sub-committee is a support role to parents of children who require additional support, accommodations, and/or interventions. Additionally, we are here to promote acceptance of difference while driving and advancing the mission of inclusion throughout the district.

How can I support our district's special education sub-committee?

Parents, caregivers, teachers, students and administrators can support our district's special education sub-committee by offering open communication of their wants and needs. You can do this by attending meetings and events as well as corresponding via email or social media. The adoption of the inclusion model, district wide, is also crucial for the success of all our children's success.

We are truly excited about this coming school year and are looking forward to meeting all of you.

Please contact one of the SPED PTSA representatives if you have an idea for a presentation, are not sure where to turn for help with a struggling child, or have questions or just want to talk with someone about what may come next. We would be happy to help connect you to the right people in the district who can help!

Tiffany Welch

Brighton Central PTSA invites you to become actively involved in the many aspects of your child's Brighton years. Any amount of volunteer time you can give will be greatly appreciated.

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