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Submitting an Activity/Form for Final Credit (Mark Complete) & REIMBURSEMENTS


    To receive credit in Frontline for courses, workshops, or conferences that you have attended, you must let the Brighton Teacher Center know that you have completed the work. Once an activity is complete and after arriving from an out-of-District conference, you need to MARK COMPLETE in Frontline to submit the activity for final credit and reimbursement for travel expenses if applicable.

    If you incurred traveling expenses and want reimbursement, you must MARK COMPLETE in Frontline immediately after attending the conference. Not MARKING COMPLETE will prevent the reimbursements from being processed.

    The following are the instructions on how to MARK COMPLETE:

    1. Log in to Frontline
    2. Under your Learning Plan tab, review the list of activities under the Approved and in Progress section.
    3. By clicking the Manage button, you will access the activity status screen. This screen contains the option to mark the activity as complete. 


    3. On the new window, scroll down until you find the mark complete button. The Mark Complete link is located towards the bottom of the screen under Actions.  Click the Mark Complete link. After you mark complete, you must scroll down on the page and click SUBMIT!

    Mark Complete

    If the Mark Complete link is not active, it is most likely because one or more of the following conditions are true. 

    1. You have not completed the work
    2. There is a mandatory evaluation form that must be completed first (click on the activity evaluation form link located just above the Mark Complete link to access the evaluation form).
    3. The amount of time granted by your organization for you to Mark Complete an activity after the end date of the activity has expired. Contact your organization's professional development department for further instructions.
    4. The external provider has not yet granted you credit for the course. And if this is the case, contact the CTLE provider.
    5. The BTC has already completed this step for you.


  • Adoption Date: 6/12/2007
    6000 - PERSONNEL

    A conference attendance and travel request form must be completed and submitted prior to the conference date to the appropriate administrator for review.

    The form includes the name of the staff member making the request, the title and purpose of the conference, date(s) and location of conference and the account code to which the conference is to be charged. An estimate of all expenses is also required.

    If the administrator approves of the conference, the request is then submitted to the
    Superintendent or his/her designee for final review.

    Upon approval by the Superintendent or his/her designee, the employee may register for the
    conference. The District will determine whether to register the employee and pay for the conference or if the employee has this responsibility. If the employee is responsible for making his/her own arrangements to attend the conference, the costs of the conference are to be incurred by the employee.

    Upon return from the conference, the employee must complete the conference reimbursement report. Original receipts (air/ca bus fare, tolls, parking, registration, lodging, etc.) must be attached to the reimbursement report. No credit card slips will be accepted unless the original cash register receipts are attached. No reimbursement will be made for alcoholic beverages.

    New York State sales taxes for lodging and meals cannot be reimbursed. A Sales Tax-Exempt
    Form can be obtained from the District Treasurer prior to travel for hotel accommodations.

    While original receipts are required when submitting for parking and tolls, "EZ Pass" statements
    may be substituted with the appropriate charges highlighted.

    Adoption Date: 6/12/2007

    Travel Outside of District/Emergency Meetings

    School District officials and employees are entitled to reimbursement for necessary expenses
    incurred in the performance of their official duties. However, it is the position of the New York State Comptroller's Office that meals of public officers and employees generally should not be reimbursed or paid by the municipal entity unless the officer or employee is traveling outside his/her regular work area on official business for an extended period of time, or where events prevent them from taking off during mealtime for food consumption because of a pressing need to complete business. All requests for reimbursement must document who attended the meetings and how the meetings fit these conditions.

    IRS MEAL REIMBURSEMENT CHART (district pays 75% of reimbursement for location)

    Per diem allowance method: This method does not require the employee to produce meal receipts. The District pays the employee requesting a meal allowance, the meal per diem allowance that is specified in the District's travel policy, regardless of what the employee spent on your meals. Your allowance may not, however, exceed the standard meal allowance for business-related travel prescribed for federal income tax purposes.