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About Our Office

About Our Office

Special Education in Brighton: 

The Brighton Central School District is committed to identifying and evaluating all students in the district who may need support services to ensure their success in the educational program. Brighton strives to provide appropriate educational programs and services to meet all students’ needs. Federal and State regulations additionally proscribe procedures to be followed with students who have disabilities. Even without laws mandating these programs, the school district recognizes its responsibility to reach out to students who have special needs.

Support Services:

Support services are provided under the direction of the Director for Student Services. The district staff providing these services includes teachers, tutors, occupational therapists, psychologists, counselors, speech therapists, physicians, nurses and nurse-teachers and paraprofessionals. The district contracts with the Board of Cooperative Educational Services and several outside agencies for some special education programs.


Students may be identified for special services in several ways. Upon entering Brighton Schools, all students new to New York State schools, including kindergartners, are evaluated by a building level team. Students are screened for possible disabilities or giftedness in accordance with New York State requirements. In addition, teachers and parents may make referrals to the building level team for a review of educational progress and needs. The building level team may include school psychologist, counselor, special and regular education teachers, speech/language therapists, nurse teachers, paraprofessionals, and other professionals who have knowledge about the students and school administrators. The building level team considers all findings, observations and comments including those of teachers and parents and makes recommendations. Parents are included in the process to make the final determination about what is most appropriate for their child. The recommendations are specific to each student and may include modifications in classes, remedial or support services, development of a section 504 Plan or referral to the Committee on Special Education.