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English as a New Language (ENL)

  • ENL classes for freshmen through senior ELLs focus on building communicative competence and acquiring academic English language skills. Through daily listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities in the English language, students are supported so as to be able to meet with success in a high school setting. ELLs are exposed to a wide variety of fiction and non-fiction texts with scaffolded instruction in place to ensure linguistic growth across the curriculum. ELLs acquire cultural and linguistic competencies necessary for functioning in high school, the local community and American society so as to be effective, multilingual, global citizens ready for college and/or career. 

    (Source: BHS Program of Studies/ Course catalog p. 34-36)

    The Units of Study Table:


    *ENL does not supplant ELA coursework

    International club  is a student run club for all students - especially to help introduce our English Language Learners and exchange students to American culture in various social settings. Activities include helping to organize our district-wide international picnic in the fall, planning movie afternoons, going apple picking, participating in nature walks, ice-skating, and our annual trip to Darien Lake. Recently we have been working on volunteer projects in helping refugees in the greater Rochester area.

    To contact the ENL Teachers in each of the buildings review the grade levels and e-mail addresses below:





CR Part 154-2 (9-12) English as New Language (ENL) Units of Study and Staffing Requirements