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Definitions of Profile of a Graduate

logo profile of a graduate




Thinks Critically

  • Relies on sound evidence or data to support reasoning
  • Explores multiple perspectives and considers context when drawing conclusions
  • Is aware of how biases, prejudices, and egocentric tendencies may influence thinking
  • Reconsiders current thinking considering added information
  • Flexibly adapts thinking to new situations




  • Uses voice and actions to promote growth, understanding or change for yourself, others, systems or causes



Shows empathy

  • Creates connection by genuinely caring about other viewpoints, perspectives, and experiences
  • Seeks to understand others without judgment
  • Responds to differences with respect and kindness



Fosters resilience

  • Persists through challenges and knows when and how to adapt
  • Seeks out additional support or resources when appropriate
  • Extends grace to self and others in a mindful, healthy manner
  • Sees mistakes as opportunities for learning



  • Works respectfully, empathetically, and effectively to achieve common goals
  • Considers different perspectives and demonstrates flexibility
  • Makes valuable contributions, seeks feedback, and promotes the interdependence of the group



Finds joy

  • Experiences positive intellectual and emotional fulfillment from learning, experiencing, and responding to the world



Cultivates curiosity

  • Asks questions and explores answers to fulfill a sense of wonderment, gain deeper understanding or to take action
  • Practices humility to remain open to continuous learning