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Instruction and Programming for ELLs

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Build Your English Learners’ Reading Comprehension Across-the-Curriculum

This webinar will support your work with students at all literacy levels, from students who are just learning how to read in English to those with more advanced literacy skills. Learn how to support ELLs in learning core subject matter in science, technology and math and in meeting the challenges of the Common Core State Standards. Find out how to support your EL students in high-level literacy skills such as the multiple interpretations of a text, comparing texts, analyzing the effectiveness of a structure or argument, providing claims, developing solutions and/or summarizing an experiment and results.


Provide Differentiated Instruction to ELL

Educators who are familiar with strategies for differentiating instruction for ELLs will be better able to collaborate with English as Second Language (ESL) teachers. ESL and gen-ed teachers often lack a shared language and shared pedagogy to guide their collaboration. Webinar handouts and activities will provide participants with tools, strategies and ways of thinking about content instruction that create an effective bridge between ESL and gen-ed teaching, increasing success for both teacher and student.


Classroom instruction that works with English language learners    

Call #: PROF 428.2 HIL    Hill, Jane, 1953-

Published 2006

Interest Level: Professional


The teaching of language arts to limited English proficient/English language learners: Learning standards for English as a second language:    

Call #: PROF 372.65 TEA   

Published 2004


Leading academic achievement for English language learners : a guide for principals    

Call #: PROF 428.2 ALF    Alford, Betty J.

Published 2011

Interest Level: Professional


Making sense : small-group comprehension lessons for English language learners, K-8    

Call #: PROF 372.65 KEN    Kendall, Juli, 1949-

Published 2005

Interest Level: Adult


Fifty strategies for teaching English language learners    

Call #: PROF 428.2 HER    Herrell, Adrienne L.

Published 2004

Interest Level: Professional


Words their way with English learners : word study for phonics, vocabulary, and spelling instruction    

Call #: PROF 372.652 BEA    Donald R. Bear ... [et al.].

Published 2007

Interest Level: Professional


Instruction and assessment for struggling writers : evidence-based practices    

Call #: PROF 808 INS    edited by Gary A. Troia.

Series: Challenges in language and literacy

Published 2009

Interest Level: Professional


Differentiation in practice : a resource guide for differentiating curriculum, grades 9-12    

Call #: PROF 373.19 TOM    Tomlinson, Carol A.

Published 2005

Interest Level: Professional


Differentiation in practice : a resource guide for differentiating curriculum, grades K-5

Call #: PROF 373.19 TOM    Tomlinson, Carol A.

Published 2003

Interest Level: Professional