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Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program

The Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provides employees and their families confidential counseling to help with problems that may affect their mental health and/or ability to perform their job. The District subscribes to the EAP by paying a flat fee per person employed. The services provided to the employee by the EAP are free to the employee and family members (includes spouses, partners; children, parents and any other dependent members of the household).


The District is not informed when an employee uses the EAP. Confidentiality, however, does not apply to child abuse, court orders, or threats to the safety of the employee or others. The District does receive a summary report that lists the number of contacts from employees and family members. However, this report does not include names or other identifying information.


Many different types of problems affect our ability to concentrate on our job responsibilities. If you or those close to you are experiencing these problems, it may hamper your ability to achieve the quality of service expected by the District. These problems may include alcohol or other drug abuse, grieving, job Concerns, legal difficulties (does not include legal advice or referral), financial concerns, emotional problems, stress management, marital and/or family conflict and compulsive gambling.


The Health Association is our provider of the Employee Assistance Program. You can get additional information on services provided by the EAP as well as counseling hours, telephone numbers and locations by visiting the EAP website.