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Budget Information 2020-2021

Budget Information 2020-21

Residents of the Brighton Central School District approved an $82,943,949 budget for the 2020-21 school year by a vote of 3,534 to 703. The budget received an 83.41 percent “yes” vote. The projected tax levy increase for 2020-21 is 3.83%. 


Two propositions were also on the ballot. The first proposal, approved 3,794 to 439, authorized the withdrawal of $2,000,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund (General) to fund the construction of alterations, renovations and improvements to each of the District’s existing school buildings and facilities related to the Brighton Facilities Improvement Plan approved in May 2017. 


The second proposition, approved 3,829 to 397, authorized the transfer of $300,000 from the Capital Reserve Fund (Technology) to the District’s General Operating Fund and to expend this sum from the District’s General Operating Fund for computer-related equipment and technology-related infrastructure. 


“This is an incredibly positive level of support for the spending plan and the work of the District,” Superintendent Dr. Kevin McGowan said. “It comes with great responsibility as well and we never take your feedback for granted, whether you were in support of the budget or not. We use this information and your comments from throughout the process to shape our thinking each year as budgeting really is a year-round endeavor. In the most unpredictable and uncertain of times, we deeply appreciate your confidence and support. We recognize the trust you place in us and our obligation to always be growing and improving in order to continually earn that trust.” 


Voters also elected three board members to the Board of Education: Larry Davis, Julene Gilbert, and Dr. Susan Gasparino. Gasparino received 2,600 votes, Davis received 2,500 votes, Gilbert received 2,155 votes, Eleanor Oi received 2,045 votes, Dr. Claire McLauchlin received 1,630 votes, and Daniel Kolodny received 686 votes. 


“Congratulations to returning Board of Education members Larry Davis and Julene Gilbert on their reelection and congratulations to Dr. Susan Gasparino on her election to the Board,” Dr. McGowan said. “We are so appreciative of their willingness to serve and the guidance that they will provide us on behalf of the community. Thanks to each of the candidates for their participation in the process and for sharing perspectives that help shape our work going forward. 


“Finally, please join us in extending best wishes to retiring Board of Education Member Dr. Marv Sachs. We are forever indebted to Marv for his 30 years of service to this community. He has played a significant role in shaping the greatest success in this District and it is his personal influence that has contributed a great deal to our focus on “every child, every day, every way.” 


The results listed above are based on the District’s hand count of ballots. The District used an electronic ballot scanning and counting system for initial results. Those results were then verified by the hand count.